Design & Illustration

My Illustration for Cover design: Not Far From Brideshead: Oxford Between the Wars By Daisy Dunn (March 2022).

Do watch this video with the author Daisy Dunn on YouTube. We talk about the cover and how I tried to encapsulate the story. Click here to see it.

My Illustration (Painting) for Not Far From Brideshead: Oxford Between The Wars by Daisy Dunn 2022.

My Cover design for ‘A Latin Lexicon’ (published October 2020)
by Caroline K. Mackenzie is from one of my monoprints of the Roman Forum.


ARGO Cover Spring/Summer 2020
Cover Illustration for ARGO Autumn/Winter 2020 edition

Cover Illustration for Argo Autumn/Winter 2021

Cover Illustration for Argo Spring / Summer 2021

The Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny
Mulberry and Cherry Trees with Nightingale at Pliny’s Villa at Laurentum
Eching on Ink-coated Plasterboard illustration for
US Edition of The Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny by Daisy Dunn 2019
Cover Design for “ Of Gods And Men” by Daisy Dunn 2019

Helen escapes from Troy
ARGO Spring/Summer 2019 Cover Design

ARGO Magazine Cover Illustration 2018
ARGO Cover Design Illustration Spring / Summer 2018
Illustration for Argo Cover : Gouache on paper
Fruit Illustration ARGO Magazine 2018 Gouache
Illustration for Argo Feature: Gouache on paper

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